composer, sound artist, researcher and guitarist

Miguelangel Clerc Parada



Ronda (2018) for 3 percussionists and live electronics (electronics designed in collaboration with Roberto Garreton)

Wuppy (2017) for cello, electric guitar and keyboard 

El otro, el mismo (2016) for 2 guitars 

A Bao A Qu (2012) for ensemble Modelo62 

Eufotica (2010) for six players 

Solo de Piano (2007) for ensemble Klang 

La linea desde el centro (2007) for 12 guitars and conductor 

La Raiz Lanzada al Aire (2006) for Nieuw Ensemble

Pierre-Henri Wicomb´s Song (2006) for SZ Ensemble

What about Woof? (2006) for 5 percussionists

Gop (2005) for harp and recorder (more details)

Il senvio II (2004) for two violins

Guitar B Mode (2004) for twelve players

Miro (2003) for percussion quartet

Pneumonia (2002) for guitar quartet

Tods (2000) for string quartet

Olk Tas Eviga (2000) for orchestra

Zexpot (1999) for six players

Il senvio (1999) for two violins

Sesoides (1998) for piano, flute, soprano and cello


The White Queen (2006) for soprano and clarinet

Prosodia (2005) for violin and soprano

Translation (2005) composed over a text by Ana Maria Moraga S. and performed by Woof


La Caja de Cuatro (2008) for viola

Air Drops (2007) for guitar

Ar (2006) for harp

Cegeida (2003) for cello

Nísima (2001) for flute


NS Den Haag-Groningen (2016) tape

Head VI (2015) tape

Clapping Debris (2012) tape

Reverse II (2004) tape

Guitars (2003) tape

Reverse I (2003) tape  

Blanco / Negro (2001) tape


Chopstick (2009) for solo guitar

SZ in five minutes (2007) for violin, bassoon, flute and guitar 

Harm P (2005) for 6 blues harmonicas

Livi (2004) for 4 quenas

Guimpdu I (2003) for 2 guitars

Guimpdu II (2003) for 2 guitars 


Decoy (2018) choreography by Astrid Boons

Vestige (2017) choreography by Astrid Boons

VOICE: offering (2017) choreography by Loïc Perela

Las Hojas Lentas (2016) choreography by Astrid Boons 

Hashtag (2016) choreography by Loïc Perela 

Hashtag In Situ (2016) choreography by Loïc Perela

Stream (2016) choreography by Loïc Perela 

Rhizoma (2016) choreography by Astrid Boons 

Ecdysis (2016) choreography by Karine Guizzo

Before the distances they pin evaporate (2015) choreography by Astrid Boons

Meermannia (2015) choreography by Karine Guizzo 
Inter View (2014) choreography by Heidi Vierthaler
Metamorphoses (2014) choreography by Karine Guizzo
From Far to Deep (2014) choreography by Pedro Goucha Gomes
Amongst Millions (2013) choreography by Pedro Goucha Gomes
Shine (2013) choreography by Heidi Vierthaler 
Mind The Gap (2012) choreography by Pedro Goucha Gomes

7 (2012) choreography by Pedro Goucha Gomes 
Of animals and other humans (2011) choreography by Pedro Goucha Gomes

Pinocchio (2011) choreography by Karine Guizzo
Lament for those who envied Betty Jones (2010) choreography by Marina Mascarell
VisHartslag (2009) choreography by Cora Bos-Kroese

Drosera Capensis (2009)choreography by Pedro Goucha / installation by Yoko Seyama

Butterfly Hips (2008) choreography by Pedro Goucha Gomes


Nutshuis (2008) composed and performed by SZ

Triptych (2007) composed and performed by SZ (Teodora Stepancic, Grzegorz Marciniak and M. Clerc)

GSM81 (2006) composed and performed by Woof

Mirrored (2006) composed and performed by Woof

Subjective I (2006) composed and performed by Woof and Lev Kazachenko

Loops (2006) composed and performed by Woof

Paradiso´s Pendulums (2006) for 23 players, composed with Grzegorz Marciniak

Table Music (2005) composed and performed with Pierre-Henri Wicomb

Chairs (2005) composed and performed by Woof 

Branches (2005) composed and performed by Woof

Boxes (2005) composed and performed by Woof

S215 (2005) short movie composed by Woof (Pierre-Henri Wicomb, Grzegorz Marciniak and M. Clerc)