composer, sound artist, researcher and guitarist

Miguelángel Clerc Parada



The Hide (2019) for cello and speaker installation / in collaboration with Jan Willem Troost

El otro el mismo (2016) for 2 amplified guitars

A Bao A Qu (2012) for ensemble Modelo62 

La linea desde el centro (2007) for 12 guitars 

What about Woof? (2006) for 6 percussionists

Ar (2006) for solo harp


Bird Dog (2021) live-dance film by Marina Mascarell

Arise (2021) choreography by Astrid Boons

Fusions and some confusions (2020) choreography by Dimo Milev

Fields (2019) choreography by Astrid Boons

Decay (2018) choreography by Astrid Boons

From far to deep (2014) choreography by Pedro Goucha Gomes

Drosera Capensis (2009) choreography by Pedro Goucha Gomes

Butterfly Hips (2008) choreography by Pedro Goucha Gomes 


gatherer of the absurd (2009) composition by Teodora Stepancic

Turntables (2008) composition by Grzegorz Marciniak 

TYB (2006) composition by Hugo Morales Murguia